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March 10, 2010

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He’s Smokin’!!

Written on Tuesday, March 09, 2010 by Eustace

…and I say “Mr. (P)resident, please keep smoking so you won’t be around to attempt to run for a second term, let alone to see your grandkids declare bankruptcy.”

What a hypocrite! If he does survive after developing lung cancer, we’ll all be paying for him, and I’ll bet he won’t be on the same plan as his subjects.




September 22, 2009

What Were You Thinking, Glenn?

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Shades Of CNN?

Shades Of CNN?

Glenn Beck’s A.D.D. is showing! He actually said, during an interview with Katie Couric, that he thinks John McCain would have been worse for America than Obama! WHAT IS HE THINKING BY MAKING A STUPID COMMENT LIKE THAT? I mean, McCain was definitely not the best choice among Republicans, but he was by far the best choice among the chosen candidates. Take your medication, Glenn! Don’t add fuel to the Liberal Fire.

September 21, 2009

Super Saturation By Soft-Sell Networks

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The Ugly American

The Ugly American

I thought I could at least get through a weekend without hearing about another Obama moment. Not only did that not happen, but he appeared on 5 ‘soft’ networks to spout more rhetoric about his healthcare. Why is he afraid of Fox News? I’ll tell you why: he doesn’t want to be challenged in a setting he can’t control. He knows he wouldn’t be able to answer probing questions about how this program can succeed and not raise taxes on everyone.

Write every lawmaker you know and make them aware of your opposition to this and any of his programs you disagree with. The march on Washington on September 12 absolutely did send a message to our country’s leaders!!! It can’t end there, though; unless you get out and do whatever you can to defeat Obama’s socialist agenda, all the organized Tea Parties and protests don’t mean a thing. He’s already said the one in DC doesn’t represent mainstream America. More than 1.5 million people from all over the country don’t represent what the average American thinks? We had friends who drove from Texas to be there. They didn’t have to go; they could have stayed home and watched it all on TV. If everyone who did make the trip thought that way, Obama would have a leg to stand on. He doesn’t, so keep up your opposition.

If this vocal protesting doesn’t work, I’m afraid there will be forceful and violent demonstrations if his programs succeed.

Hello world!

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